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We are well into the information age. We are now in the era of 5G and Internet of Things (IOT). Knowledge abounds, technology has improved by leaps and bounds and life is supposed to be better. We should have evolved and we should have the knowledge and technology to prevent or fix any challenge that may arise …

But alas, as you and I well know, we are not only not better off, but we are worst off. And the irony is we are living in the most technologically advanced age todate!

As as most experts have been warning for years, there’s only two ways out of this…

The government will default and we’ll fall into the next Great Depression. Or they’ll print, and print, and print until we end up in hyperinflation.

We’re at the cross roads now. My expectation is that they’ll turn the presses back on and print, and print. Hyperinflation will set in and the jobless number climbs with it.

So what should you do?

Well there are a few things we can do …

1: When the printing presses are on, it’s best to own gold and silver as we’ve seen since 2008, with gold rising around 100% in price, and silver rising up to 400% in 2012. Then since 2014 gold and silver have been artificially suppressed to the lowest in the last 6 years (2012 to 2018). Infact the prices of gold and silver from 2016 to 2018 were almost to the lowest in the last 8 years. So that may be a good opportunity to buy and hold gold and silver.

2: When the printing presses are off, it’s best to hold cash. Sales slow, manufacturing slows, unemployment rises, credit slows, people spend less, and the monetary base shrinks.

3: Either way, the most important thing you can do is take control of your cash flow by starting a business on the side… Something quick and simple that you can do from your home.

If you lose your job in a deflationary cycle, the chances of your finding another, (especially in the same industry and pay level), will be slim-to-none, which means that you’ll need another way to pay the bills.

If they print more Dollars and inflation continues to rise, you’ll need more money to compensate for the rising prices of food and gasoline while on a fixed salary.

Having a business on the side gives you options, and allows you to take your financial security into your own hands.

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Quote: “It doesn’t matter where you come from in life, it’s where you finish and the people you take with you on the journey.” – Author Unknown