In my continuous search for natural products that can improve people’s health and the immune system, I came across Imuregen, an exclusive brand of nucleotide recently. The science behind how our body repair damaged dna using nucleotides won the Nobel Prize 2015.

Like the internet (or your car), you don’t need to know how Imuregen works to use it. However, having a basic knowledge of it shows why it’s considered revolutionary.

This YouTube video simplifies the explanation on the science behind how our body repair damaged dna which won the Nobel Prize 2015.

Imuregen, taken together with Transfer Factor, in my opinion, will bring you optimal health.

To explain this in layman term, a skilled mechanic knows how to repair a broken down car. However, he still needs the materials such as sufficient spare parts to replace the damaged parts. No matter how skillful he is, he cannot repair the car without replacing the damaged parts.

Likewise, the immune system is like the mechanic. Just as the mechanic needs new spare parts to replace the damaged parts, the immune system needs nucleotides to repair the damaged dna. Without nucleotides, the immune system cannot repair the damaged dna.

And for the mechanic to be skillful, he must study the car manual in and out to understand the car better. Transfer Factor teaches the immune system how to do its job well, just like the car manual teaches the mechanic how to repair the car. Nucleotides give the immune system the materials it needs to repair damaged dna in cells, just like new spare parts enable the mechanic to replace the damaged car parts. So together Transfer Factor and Nucleotides work hand in hand to keep our body in tip top condition.

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